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United Lumineers Dental Specialists is your public directory that provides you a  direct contact link to highly skilled dentists who are certified in administering the lumineers procedure who are available right in your neighborhood.

  • Have Discolored or Crowded Teeth?
  • Unwanted Gaps Between Your Teeth?
  • Dealing With Chipped or Broken  Teeth?
  • Instantly Lengthen Worn Down Teeth
  • Cosmetically Hide Misaligned Teeth

If you have any of these dental issues and you’re looking for a proven and quick solution that can give you a beautiful smile for decades to come… Then durable dental lumineers could be the answer you’ve been hoping for because lumineers create uniformity for that perfect smile! We partner with specialized dentist that can take you step by step through this simple cosmetic process.

Don’t worry if you have questions about the process. Our elite team of dental specialist can explain the simple procedure to you in just a few minutes and are qualified to answer any questions that you may have. You’ll discover why lumineers are the highest grade of veneers available and are the least evasive cosmetic dental procedure you could have.

The definition of lumineers

“Lumineers are thin porcelain shells that are cosmetically bonded directly to the front enamel and/or surface of your teeth. Lumineers are a higher grade of veneers that are designed to allow very minimal preparation of the tooth before bonding. These are a strong yet thinner grade of veneers, Lumineers can often bonded over your teeth without removing any tooth enamel while creating a new beautiful smile that looks and feels natural.”


Why Choose One Of Our Certified Dentist?

lumineers1Reason #1 – We make it as simple as one phone call to get in contact with a trained dentist who can answer all of your questions about lumineers.

Reason #2 – Most importantly, these are certified dentists who have the knowledge and experience to answers all of your most important questions about lumineers and how this 2 step process works.

Reason #3 – This is a Free Public Directory! The phone call to our chosen dental specialist cost you nothing.

Locate A Dentist In The Areas We Currently Provide From The List of Specialist Listed On The Right Hand Column of This Page. Your Local Dental Practitioner Is Waiting To Help You!!! Give Them A Call.